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Call for sites

The formal call for sites occurred between 27 February and 10 April 2017. At present this page remains active for late submissions.

This call for sites is open to anyone wishing to promote land for housing or economic development within the Greater Exeter area through the  planning process.

Submitting details of a site will take at least 30 minutes and you will need to complete the process in one session. Once you have successfully submitted a site the email address you included in the form will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the information you have supplied.

Before submitting details of a site, please read the guidance notes below.  The guidance note includes details of all the questions on the form, to help you prepare your responses in advance of completing the online form. You will also need the following:

  • Land ownership information
  • Land Registry details

If you do not have Land Registry details, please contact one of the planning officers listed on the Guidance Notes.

You will need to use a separate form for each site you submit.

Submit a site

Further information about Call for Sites

Who can submit sites?

Sites can be promoted by anyone.  If you are not the landowner, you will need to provide us with landownership details.

How large does a site need to be?

We are only seeking housing sites that can accommodate 5 or more dwellings, or have a minimum site size of 0.15 hectares.  The minimum threshold for economic development sites is 0.25 hectares or 500m2 of floor space.

What will happen next?

We will assess the development potential of all eligible sites that are submitted during the call using this methodology. The HELAA Methodology report has been prepared by the GESP authorities and a panel of representatives from the housing and economic development industries. We will prioritise the assessment of larger strategic sites and intend that this process will be completed by August 2017. The assessment of smaller sites will take place afterwards. As work is completed further information will be published on this website.

Site assessments will be published in a document called a Housing And Economic Land Availability Assessment.  Sites that are assessed as having development potential may be considered for allocation in the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan or any future local planning policy documents produced by East Devon, Exeter, Teignbridge or Mid Devon.

Further questions?

Please refer to the Guidance Note. If you have remaining questions regarding this process or require an alternative format to submit a site please contact:

If you experience any technical difficulties when completing the online form please contact Keegan Ferreday on 01392 381719 or email