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Issues (Regulation 18)

27th February to 10th April 2017 | (Complete)

The first stage in preparing the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan involved inviting comments on the scope and content of the Plan and key issues facing the area.

A public consultation took place between the 27th February and 10th April 2017. An interim report summarising the comments received and notes in response is available HERE.  It is not currently possible to provide a full response to each comment at this stage, in advance of the publication of the draft Greater Exeter Strategic Plan. This summary is therefore an interim one, pending further work on the plan. However, the comments received are being taken into account and a fuller response in a revised report will be published alongside the draft Greater Exeter Strategic Plan.

Full consultation responses are contained in this document. Where possible submitted text has been inserted into the previous report, however some documents and diagrammatic material was also received: Barton Wilmore 1;     Barton Wilmore 2;     Draycott Estates 1 of 5;     Draycott Estates 2 of 5;     Draycott Estates 3 of 5;     Draycott Estates 4 of 5;     Draycott Estates 5 of 5;    Exeter Cycling Campaign;    GL Hearn;    Litchfields;    Litchfields 2;    LRM 1 of 3;     LRM 2 of 3;     LRM 3 of 3;     Origin3 1 of 2;     Origin3 2 of 2;     pba 1 of 2;     pba 2 of 2;     Pegasus Group 1 of 2;     Pegasus Group 2 of 2;     Persimmon;     Save Clyst St Mary 1 of 2;     Save Clyst St Mary 2 of 2;     Savills;     Tetlow King;     Turley 1;     Turley 2;     wyg