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Draft Policies and Site Options

September 2020 | (Pending)

Using the information gained from Stage One alongside evidence gathering, a draft policies and site options consultation will be prepared. This will present a series of draft policies, potential development locations and supporting information. You will be invited to comment on the contents of this consultation.

A Local Development Scheme sets out the timetable for preparing and adopting development plan documents. The Local Development Scheme’s of the Greater Exeter councils contain the following timetable for preparing the GESP:

o Site Options and Draft Policies – June 2020
o Draft Plan – November 2020
o Publication (Proposed Submission) – February 2022
o Submission – July 2022
o Examination – September 2022
o Adoption – April 2023

In consideration of the impacts of Covid-19, the Greater Exeter councils have agreed that the Site Options and Draft policies consultation should be postponed from June 2020 until September 2020. Any further amendments to the timetable resulting from the impacts of Covid-19 will be published on this website.