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Draft Policies and Site Options

September 2020 | (Pending)


East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon and Teignbridge Councils are currently in the process of taking reports to the four Local Authority committees to consider whether to begin the next round of consultation on their Greater Exeter Strategic Plan. The plan includes draft planning policies and large scale development options across all 4 Council areas. The document is supported by a host of topic-based evidence which is accessible to view.

The meetings will ask Councillors to agree the ‘draft policies and site options’ document and a public consultation to begin in September. The following dates for committees are shown below. Links to the papers will be updated as they become available.

– Exeter Executive – 7 July – Report agreed
Teignbridge Executive – 21 July – Report agreed
East Devon Strategic Planning Committee – 23 July
Mid Devon Cabinet – 6 August

The key documents that each Authority will be considering are:

– Draft Policy and Site Options Document
Supported by:
– Sustainability Appraisal Report
– Sustainability Appraisal Report- Appendices
– Initial Habitats Regulations Assessment Report
– Equality Impact Assessment Screening Report
– Issues Consultation 2017 Statement of Consultation
Higher quality versions of the site maps with names A-L, arranged in alphabetical order are also available to view
Higher quality versions of the site maps with names M-W, arranged in alphabetical order are also available to view

Subject to agreement at each of the committees, you will be able to comment on the material from 21 September until the 16 November by following the prompts on the website.

We appreciate that the proposed material may raise a number of issues for many communities but we ask that you refrain from submitting representations to us until the consultation papers go through the committee process. From September we intend on directly engaging on the key issues raised with communities and are producing an engagement strategy which will set out how we will achieve this.

Please be aware that we are still in the early stages of plan production and not all site options presented in the document will ultimately be considered suitable for development or included in subsequent versions of the plan.