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Draft Vision

The Plan

The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan makes the big, cross-boundary decisions about growth, infrastructure and environment in the Greater Exeter area looking many years ahead. The innovative planning and ambitious investment decisions taken together by the local authority partners aim to realise our potential by creating great places for all people to live full lives.

The Place

In 2040 we are a sustainable, accessible and networked city region of linked but distinct communities. Our economy is carbon neutral and productive. We invest in our citizens, celebrate the area’s beauty and continue to work together for mutual long term benefit. We fully utilise our unique south western city-town-country-coast environment and our growing academic and skills base for smart growth. We enable prosperous and healthy lives in high quality homes and increasingly self-sufficient communities with access to great greenspaces and high quality jobs linked by a reliable, sophisticated and sustainable transport system.

The Priorities

  • Greater efficiencyto be carbon neutral by 2040
  • Greater ambition – hardwiring delivery in from the start
  • Greater innovation – fast growth in cutting edge businesses including becoming the UK centre for data analytics, environmental futures, health innovation, smart transport and other digital future businesses
  • Greater connectivity – gigabit ready communities with majority sustainable travel
  • Greater prosperity – local wages rise to above the national average
  • Greater places for people – providing the homes we need in high quality neighbourhoods with the right infrastructure in the right places
  • Greater places for nature – rebuilding biodiversity and peoples’ access to it
  • Greater education – nurturing, attracting and retaining a world class workforce
  • Greater wellbeing – healthy active communities with a range of facilities and services


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